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Hand-Crafted Anatomical Display & Simulation Models

Specializing in Custom

Crafting custom models to showcase your implant systems and special cases has been our bread and butter in the orthopedic industry for the last 15 years. Although small today, our line-up of generic orthopedic models is continuing to grow. We constantly strive to deliver high-quality displays and demonstration models in a timely manner and for the best price around. Complete the form below and get started crafting with BoneModels™!

Arthroplasty Simulation Model

Item #: 775674

Solid Foam Femur Surgical Model

Item #: 450507

Multi-Density Blocked Bone Drilling Trainer

Item #: 290806-MP

Clear Generic Implant Hip Display Model

Item  #: 390200

Clear Anatomical Knee Display Model

Item #: 390300

Make it Custom

Looking for something a bit more unique? Have you found that generic models rarely do your custom device justice? Our team is ready to help you create your very own display or simulation model to properly demonstrate your product and procedure! The process is quite simple. To get started just complete this form and one of our wonderful sales reps will be in touch to schedule the first design control meeting!

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