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Elevate Your Experience

With custom medical education, training, and marketing tools.

Curated Solutions

We offer more than just custom product manufacturing.

From concept to reality, we’ll help you design, brand, package, store, and distribute your product. We’ll also help your teams generate assets for general marketing, product launches, tradeshow events, and so much more. Our team of diverse individuals is ready to assist you with all of your new (and old) product needs.


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Patient Education Models

Clear & Bone Shade Plastics

Surgical Training Models

Drillable FoamCore & TruTension™ Tissue

Robotic Assisted Training Solutions

FlexusKnee™ – Your Leg Up in TKA

Presentation & Tradeshow Displays

High-Quality Multi-Material Display Units

Marketing & Sales Kits

Build and Distribute Rep Kits World Wide. 

Branded Packaging

Customized Packaging & Foam to Protect Your Products. 

Sculpting Your Story

Since 1996, we’ve dedicated ourselves to supporting the needs of various medical industries and professionals around the world.

Whether you’re in need of an attention-grabbing tradeshow display, realistic surgical trainers, precise in-office education models, or anything in between, our experienced team is ready to help guide you in sculpting your story.

How The Process Works

Define Project Scope

We’ll gather all the details and requirements of your project and work with you to develop a plan of action.

Concept & Design

With a defined scope, our team of designers will create a concept and kickoff our prototype process.

Develop Prototype

With your approval, we’ll begin crafting our designs into the first prototype for you to review.

Begin Production

Once the prototype is approved, we’ll begin tooling and preparing for any size production.

Post-Delivery Support

Even after delivery, our excellent support staff will be standing by for any questions you may have!

Ready to Start Sculpting Your Story?

“Crafting dreams into reality, one bone at a time.”

When generic models just won’t cut it, turn to BoneModels™ to craft your product to perfection. Our surgeon preferred bones offer a realistic and accurate experience while our display models glamoursly assist in educating your patient and showcasing your implant system.


Reach out today and let’s get started sculpting your story!

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