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Proudly Sculpting Your Story Since 1996

We Are Crafters & Creators.

When we say we sculpt your story, it’s more than just a catchphrase. Our team bolsters over 25 years of combined experience in the art of hand sculpting anatomical bone models. We pride ourselves on sticking to a traditional method of manufacturing and are ecstatic that this choice has allowed us to continue to produce high-quality products while maintaining our competitive edge.

Our vision is to be a one-stop shop for supporting the needs of our clients in the dental and orthopedic industries. Over the years we have built a team of incredible individuals that have allowed us to completely cut out the middle man when it comes to the manufacturing, marketing, and storage of your product.

Generic Lead Time - 15-20 Business Days

Prototyping Lead Time - 30-45 Business Days

All Domestic Shipments Arrive Within 5-7 Business Days

Specializing In Custom

Patient Education Models

Educating your patient has never been this easy. With our elegant and fully customizable consultation models, trust that your patient will leave your office with a complete understanding of their upcoming procedure.

Surgical Training Models

Our robust training models are designed with your course in mind. With multiple options and the ability to completely customize your model, trust in our bone models to provide you with the absolute best training experience.

Presentation Displays

Every product has a story. Our team is here to help guide you in sculpting yours. Our presentation displays are custom built to your requirements and our capabilities offer you near-limitless options to showcase your innovations.

Packaging and Foam

We strongly believe that quality presentation is key to a memorable product experience. Our team of dedicated designers will help you create the best experience for your product right out of the box. 

Why Us?

Perfectionist With Experience

Today, BoneModels™ is the division of Models Plus that specializes in medical display and simulation models. Back in 1996, Jeffrey Maki founded a small company that focused more on providing dental professionals with marketing and training materials. This small dental lab grew into Models Plus and soon began servicing both dental and orthopedic professionals alike. As an anatomical model manufacturer that specializes in producing replications of bone models and implantable devices, and our dedication to creating 100% of our products under one roof, we’ve been blessed with growing beyond our core specialties and bringing the BoneModels™ brand fully to light.

Over the past 30 years, our generational knowledge and tested techniques have provided us with continued opportunities to create innovative technologies that support the training and education of both medical professionals and patients worldwide.


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We Believe

Quality Matters

Unlike most of our competitors, we are proudly BSI ISO 13485:2016 Certified which is the ISO standard for the quality of medical devices.

ISO 13485:2016 is a standard that an organization must maintain its quality system by providing consistent results and proof of organization. In short, the 13485 certification means that our parts are made and held to the same standard that our customer’s real implants are manufactured with. This ensures that all parts that pass through our facility will be consistent and made to the exact specifications required by our customers each and every time they order.