Kois Buyers Group Specialized Ordering

ModelsPlus™ is proud to supply all Kois Center attendees with our 9+ model patient education bundle with high-volume pricing applied to low-volume orders.

By default, the recommended Kois 9 Model Kit comes with one Lower Four Implant Locator, a Classic Red MK1, and a Complete Restoration on Four model. The kit ships with the Kois Center logo on the front nameplate and engraved on the lid foam unless specified that you would like to add your own logo to the kit. To add your own logo, simply choose YES from the dropdown option and upload your logo file on the cart page. You have the option of choosing a variation for the Four Implant LocatorMK1, and Complete Restoration models or the ability to buy both of each variation, creating a 12 model kit. To purchase models individually, click here.

Kois Center Complete Model Set

Item #290295


Item #290295

The Kois Center Educational Implant Model Kit is a standard nine model kit that contains one:

  • Blow Molded Protective Case #499507
  • Lower 2 Implant Locator Model #270100
  • Lower 4 Implant Locator Model #270101
  • Six Implant Maxillary Bar Model #270102
  • Direct Screw Retained Model #270103
  • Dual Crown & Bridge Model #270104
  • Upper Edentulous with Denture Model #270105
  • Lower Edentulous with Denture Model #270106
  • MK1 Model #270107
  • Complete Restoration on Four Implants Model #270108

With additional options to be added:

  • Complete Restoration on Six Implants Model #270109
  • Upper 4 Implant Locator #270110
  • MK1 Model – Clear Base #270111

Make It Custom

If you choose to add your logo to your kit, you’ll be able to attach your logo to your order in the cart! Acceptable file types include .SVG, .EPS, .PDF, or .PNG. The preferred file is in a vectorized format.

Kois Buyers Group Special Pricing

Model Name Item # Original Price Dicounted Price (22%)
Lower 2 Implant Locator 270100 $295.00 $231.00
Lower 4 Implant Locator 270101 $320.00 $250.00
Upper 4 Implant Locator 270110 $320.00 $250.00
Six Implant Maxillary Bar with Overdenture 270102 $358.00 $279.00
Direct Screw Retained 6 Implant Model 270103 $338.00 $264.00
Dual Crown & Bridge Model 270104 $305.60 $238.00
Upper Edentulous with Denture 270105 $380.00 $296.00
Lower Edentulous with Denture 270106 $380.00 $296.00
MK1 Model with Milled Bar – Classic Red 270107 $409.00 $319.00
MK1 Model with Milled Bar – Clear 270111 $409.00 $319.00
Complete Restoration on 4 Implants 270108 $260.00 $203.00
Complete Restoration on 6 Implants 270109 $285.00 $223.00


Protect Your New Models!

Add one of our BloMolded™ rigid cases to your order and keep your brand new models safe and secure!

Protective Travel Case

Item #490500

Lightweight & Weather Resistant. Our BloMolded™  Protective Cases come equipped with Custom Cut Foam to safely secure your model(s).